The business owner’s guide to buying new software

Like it or not, there’s a software application dedicated to every aspect of your life. There’s one that helps you find a good spot for lunch, countless that help you catch up with friends, and some that remind you when to stop using other apps. All of them are supposed to make life easier and […]

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4 things we’ve learned about New York businesses as IT consultants

Even if everyone knows how to work a computer nowadays, businesses still need the help of geeks and geniuses like us. Sometimes there’s a hardware failure, a software incompatibility, or North Korea is trying to hold half the country’s IT for ransom. But we do more than just save the day.

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Stabilize, Standardize and Enhance Your IT by Partnering with an MSP

Small- and medium-sized businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to operate efficiently. That’s why it has become crucial to implement a scalable IT infrastructure backed up by proactive maintenance and support. Managed Services Providers (MSPs) give organizations the opportunity to outsource their IT operations instead of having to maintain everything in-house and worrying about […]

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