Founded by lifelong technologists in 2002

Serving 170+ Locations in Westchester, New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey

Named one of the 250 Next Generation Managed IT Providers in 2017, 2018 & 2019

Management Team


Alex Markov

CEO & Co-Founder

Alex has had a life-long love of technology. Since 1992, Alex has been heavily involved in internet and technology consulting. Graduating from Binghamton University, Alex knew he wanted to turn his passion into a career. In 2002, he founded a small consulting practice which would later merge with another local IT firm to become Red Key Solutions. Alex is driven to create a special life and business experience for our team and clients.



Paul Grenci

President & Co-Founder

Paul has been involved in the technology world since 1984. A graduate of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Paul spent the 1990s working in corporate IT departments at ADP and Altria. In 2002, he founded his own technology company which would later merge with a local partner to become Red Key Solutions. Paul has a gift for creating clean and smart networks and is always developing the next technological enhancement for our clients.



Matt Fox

Senior Engineer

Fox is a principal partner and with Red Key for 15+ years. He manages the backend systems and is a true technology guru.



Dean Tammam


Dean has a deep understanding of technology and business solutions. He is responsible for organizing and crafting IT strategy for our clients.



Matt Zaretsky

Solutions Director

Matt has a business management degree from Manhattanville College. He runs the solutions team and ensures new and existing clients have a wonderful experience.



Jason Combest


Jason is the mayor of Red Keyville. He has deep understanding of the Red Key process and is focusing on guiding digital transformations with our clients.



Matthew Moniello


Matt was an owner of a property management and real estate business that was one of Red Key’s first clients in 2002. After an acquisition of the real estate business, Matt decided to bring his financial skills to team Red Key and join as a partner.



Michael Santosusso

Account Executive

Michael is a techy at heart and is an excellent communicator. He is responsible for telling the story of Red Key, understanding the technology needs of new clients and helping guide the new client process.


Core Values


Create a premium experience

Everything we do at Red Key focuses on how to create the best experience for clients, vendors and staff. We take pride in being pleasant, delivering top notch quality, at New York speeds and are guided by a proven process.


Client success is our success

Since 2002, Red Key has grown into one of the top technology firms in the New York tri-state area primarily through referrals from existing clients. Our team is driven to provide a competitive advantage for our clients.


Make the world a better place

The entire Red Key team is not just focused on business but on making a positive impact on the world around us. As our team continues to achieve new heights, our contribution to the world will increase and nothing could make us happier. The world is dark and full of terrors, but Red Key is a light that shines bright.


Together we are stronger

We are united by our love of technology. We are driven by our core values. We have accomplished great things together and every year reach new heights. We go on epic adventures. We come from different backgrounds. We work hard. We have a passion for life. Together we are stronger. We are Red Key Solutions.


Be better than

The drive for improvement never ends at Red Key. Every new achievement opens a door for further growth. Business and personal development is crucial to the success of our clients and as members of our community. We are always striving to be faster and more effective with everything in business and life.

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