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Red Key was founded by Alex Markov and Paul Grenci in 2002, with roots in the technology world originating during the early years of commercial internet and Windows computers. Our mission from inception was to create a forward-thinking IT firm with pristine attention to detail and a focus on the success of our clients. With this purpose in mind, Red Key has continued to support and uplift many of New York City’s most respected companies. Our mission now is simple. We want to redefine the concept of work using technology.

Our Mission: Redefine Work

Work is part of the human experience but sadly it is still inefficient and filled with unnecessary frustrations. Today we have the technology to change the concept of work forever for the better. Red Key has created an IT platform backed by Ai that uses technology and strategy to redefine work. Join us as we improve the life experience of every company and individual we interact with.

Founded by lifelong technologists in 2002
Serving 170+ Locations in Westchester, New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey
Named one of the 250 Next Generation Managed IT Providers in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020

Management Team

Alex Markov

CEO & Co-Founder
Since 1992, Alex has been heavily involved in internet and technology consulting. Upon graduating from Binghamton University, Alex knew he wanted to turn his passion into a career. In 2002, he founded a small consulting practice which would later merge with another local IT firm to become Red Key Solutions. His creativity, innovativeness, impeccable attention to detail, and devotion to both the Red Key team and our clients lay the foundation and groundwork of what drives Red Key to thrive in an ever changing technological landscape.

Paul Grenci

President & Co-Founder
Paul has been a mainstay in the technology world for the better part of four decades. A graduate of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Paul spent the 1990s working in corporate IT at ADP and Altria. Paul’s immense talent in creating and maintaining cleanly organized and secure networks is a driving force at Red Key. In a world where security is increasingly at stake, Paul is in constant development of the next technological safeguard so that our clients can run their businesses worry free.

Matthew Moniello

CFO & Partner
Matt has had an almost 20 year business relationship with Red Key as the owner of a property management and real estate business that was one the company’s earliest clients. After an acquisition of Matt’s real estate business, we were delighted to bring his decades of financial skills and expertise to team Red Key as both our CFO and a partner.

Matt Fox

Senior Engineer & Partner
Matt Fox is not only our most senior engineer but is also a principal partner at Red Key, involved in the company’s evolution for over 15 years. Also a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he manages the backend systems and is a true technology guru. Fox is an integral piece of the Red Key puzzle and our operation would not be complete without him!

Matt Zaretsky

Solutions Director
Matt is at the forefront of the business side of the company, holding a business management degree from Manhattanville College. With close to a decade under his belt at Red Key, he manages our solutions team, ensuring each client and prospect interaction is pleasant, organized, and well executed. Readily available and always happy to help, Matt guides the clients through the pre-technical stages of product ordering and project planning.

Jason Combest

Jason is essentially the mayor of Red Key. His unique ability to connect with clients and staff on both a professional and social level is what has catapulted him from his previous role as our service manager to the role of our main vCIO. He has a deep understanding of the Red Key process and is focused on maintaining meaningful connections with our clients as he guides them through significant digital transformations within their business.

Algenis Feliz

Service Director
Algenis has proven himself to be a true Red Key powerhouse, making sure all client requests are routed properly and handled in an organized and timely manner. From overall technical expertise to top-notch dispatch coordination in our network operations center, Algenis is a true team player. As the first voice you’ll hear when you dial our helpdesk, Algenis is both reliable and affable in his command of the client’s needs.

Luis Maurad

Centralized Services Director
Luis leads the new hardware team at Red Key and is a real-life computer scientist. He built the Red Key computer factory from the ground up and his team has deployed thousands of computers with an attention to detail that is unrivaled.

Kibum Park

Kibum Park is a talented senior engineer who has gained the trust and confidence in both our clients and the rest of the team in his many years at Red Key. With a smile on his face, he can resolve virtually any tech issue a user may have and will not rest until the client is happy.

Marco Gomez

Marco is a seasoned IT and strategy professional with many years working as an IT director for fast growing healthcare startups and financial companies and many years running his own MSP.

Amilcar Azevedo

Pro Services Director
Amilcar is senior engineer with 20+ years experience and deep technical talents. He leads projects and assists in complicated technical challenges.

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Core Values



Everything we do at Red Key focuses on how to create the best experience for clients, vendors and staff. We take pride in being pleasant, delivering top notch quality, at New York speeds and are guided by a proven process.



Since 2002, Red Key has grown into one of the leading technology firms in the New York tri-state area through investing in our clients and helping them grow. We are driven to give our clients a competitive advantage because our future success is directly tied to the success of our clients.



The entire Red Key team is not just focused on business but on making a positive impact on the world around us. As our team continues to achieve new heights, our contribution to the world will increase. The world is dark and full of terrors, but Red Key is a light that shines bright.



We are united by our love of technology. We are driven by our core values. We have accomplished great things together and reach new heights every year. We go on epic adventures. We come from different backgrounds. We work hard. We have a passion for life. Together we are stronger. We are Red Key Solutions.



Every new achievement opens a door for further growth and improvement. Our continued business and personal development is crucial to the success of clients and our community. We listen to our clients and use data to evolve our process to allow our clients to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their business goals.

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