Companies today leverage technology to achieve greater productivity and profits. To keep up with the rapidly evolving technological landscape, many small businesses are partnering with managed IT services providers (MSPs). Some even outsource their entire IT departments to MSPs to enjoy hassle-free IT management and huge cost savings. However, some MSPs do not live up to the standards they promised. Here are five telltale signs that you should dismiss your current MSP:

#1. Sharp increase in the number of IT support calls

Is there a rise in the number of employees calling about websites and apps that take painstakingly long to load? Are there more complaints about their PCs crashing? If there’s a surge in the number of help desk calls, it might be time to reevaluate your MSP’s recommended IT solutions. These might no longer be meeting your business’s needs.

A reliable MSP uses the latest tools and monitoring systems to detect and resolve issues before they disrupt your operations. When problems do sneak through, IT specialists must thoroughly document the incident and recommend steps to prevent or address future occurrences. Repeated instances of the same or similar problems reveal the provider’s lack of vigilance, poor monitoring and tracking practices, as well as lack of professionalism or technical expertise.

#2. Focus on repairs

While repairs are crucial in network maintenance, your MSP should not be a simple break/fix service provider. Instead, they should be proactive in managing and maintaining your IT systems. They should be focused on preventing problems even before you notice any issue with your network.

#3. Poor customer service

Numerous business tasks depend on the efficiency of your IT network, so any hardware or software malfunction and unscheduled downtime can be extremely disruptive and costly. So if your MSP doesn’t respond quickly to IT issues, communicate poorly with you, or suffer high technician turnover, then consider changing your MSP.

Partner with an MSP that has a fast response time, strong communication, and exceptional customer service.

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#4. Outdated assets

Check if any of your systems are running on outdated or unsupported versions of software. If there are, it might be time to switch to another MSP.

Software updates are crucial since these fix bugs and patch holes in security. If you fall behind on upgrades, you are putting your business at risk of cyberthreats through security gaps. Not only that, you’ll be missing out on new features or improvements that go with some updates.

5. They overcomplicate your network

Although modern IT is very complex with layers of regulation and security, less mature providers can make this even worse with poor network design, too many layers of unnecessary software solutions, and low utilization of existing solutions.

A competent MSP will make sure that your IT solutions are powerful yet simple to use and that you are able to maximize the benefits these solutions deliver.

Don’t settle for a low-performing MSP

If you are frustrated with your current MSP, the good news is switching IT providers may be easier than you think. But the longer you put it off, the harder the change will be.

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