Nowadays hackers can spoof your email address or phone number. Spoofing means tricking your Outlook or Gmail into displaying that an email came from someone that it didn’t.

Hacking has become very sophisticated and uses countless tricks to access your computer and subsequently, your money. Here are some examples of scams you should watch out for:

  • A hacker will look at your company structure in Linkedin and send spoof emails from your CEO to your CFO requesting a money transfer.
  • You receive an email from Apple asking you to log into your account, in an attempt to steal your iCloud password.
  • You receive a fake email from software you use (such as Google Docs or Microsoft Sharepoint) trying to gain access to your email.
The cyber criminals are making more money every year and are financially motivated to trick you. Every month they come up with a new angle so please be vigilant.

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