Everyone dreads the day their computer starts running slowly because that means they’ll have to go and buy a new one. Shopping for a computer is complicated; there are thousands to choose from and each one has a list of hardware specifications you don’t understand.

“No, please don’t die on me! I don’t want to go to the computer store.”

Then, there’s the price. New computers can be quite the investment, and nothing is more disheartening than seeing the device you bought at full price suddenly go on a 50% sale a few weeks later. And what if a computer manufacturer reveals a completely superior version of the computer you just purchased for virtually the same price?

To avoid buyer’s remorse, you must time your purchases correctly.

How soon do you need it?

The first thing you must consider is how urgently you need a new PC. If your current machine is broken and you need a new one for work, there’s no reason to wait for a sale. In fact, the resulting downtime and productivity loss from a broken device can cost your company thousands of dollars the longer you delay your purchase.

But if your aging computer is still capable of running business apps, you can save more money on a powerful new upgrade if you are patient and make a purchase when there’s a good deal.

Seasonal sales

The holiday season, specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is the best time to buy new electronics. That’s because computer retailers will usually offer massive discounts or cashback deals to clear all their stock before the end of the year.

The downside is you’ll have to wait in line for hours and fight your way through the store.

Additionally, back-to-school sales around August and September is an ideal time to purchase high-performance laptops even if you’ve long since graduated. Just make sure the laptop isn’t pre-installed with the education edition of Windows 10.

Online flash sales

These days, online retailers like Amazon widen profit margins by offering daily discounts, vouchers, and flash sales. That’s why you should monitor these sites frequently and check for your desired price point. To make things easier, you should use price tracker extensions to analyze price histories and get notifications for deals that include a product in your wishlist.

New computer releases

When manufacturers release new hardware, they’ll usually offer discounts to clear their current stock. So, if you’re not after the most cutting-edge gear, this is the best time to buy tech.

Keep in mind that there’s no set date for these clearance sales and these will vary depending on the computer brand. Apple, for example, tends to release new MacBooks around June every year, so expect reduced prices for older models around this time.

Manufacturer release schedules

However, if price is less of an issue and you’re looking for a machine with a bit more oomph, then you’ll need to stay on top of the PC manufacturer’s release schedule. Most new product releases follow Intel CPU release schedules, which is why it pays to stay on top of hardware-related developments.

According to a recent report, Intel is currently facing a shortage of CPUs due to increased demand and reduced production capacity. Experts say this issue will be resolved by the third quarter of 2019, and will likely be the best opportunity to find state-of-the-art PCs in the market.

The takeaway here is hardware trends are constantly changing and it’s crucial to monitor these changes to make sure you’re making smart investments. Not many New York business owners have the time to do this themselves, and that’s where Red Key Solutions comes in. Our team of consultants analyze your current technology, stay abreast of deals, and recommend the best technology for your business. Call us now for a comprehensive IT consultation.

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