Today, there are some pretty awesome technologies in the market. Cloud-enabled apps streamline accounting and marketing processes, analyze your data, automate repetitive tasks, and make it easy to collaborate with others. Powerful mobile devices and smart gadgets are increasingly common in business.

These technologies can put your company ahead of the curve if you deploy and use them correctly, but that is easier said than done. There are five important things you need to do to digitally transform your business.

    1. Decide on the right technology

Investing in shiny new gadgets or cutting-edge business solutions just because everyone is using them is not a smart move, especially if you run a small- or medium-sized business. You need to find technologies that fit your existing workflows, goals, and budget.

“This giant $3,000-smartphone is totally worth it!”

For most companies, this can be as simple as migrating to flexible and inexpensive cloud platforms like Office 365, but other industries may have more specific needs, too. Sales-oriented companies that adopt remote work policies, for instance, may need a digital strategy involving high-quality Voice over IP services, customer relationship management systems, and mobile device management software.

Keep in mind that not all solutions are built the same, so make sure you thoroughly vet your options, look at testimonials, and sign up for free trials to find the right one for your company.

    1. Get buy-in from managers and executives

No large-scale digital transformation project will be successful unless managers are on board. This means you must present a compelling case for implementing new technology.

If your accounting processes are slow and error-prone, calculate how much it’s costing your company. Then, show how modern accounting software apps can fix the problem and save you money with an ROI analysis. In addition to hard costs, talk about soft benefits like increased collaboration, job satisfaction, and sanity levels.

    1. Train employees

If no one is willing to adapt to new technology, it’s game over. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to provide technology training and promote digital ways of working. One way you can do this is by conducting practical training sessions, in which you discuss the benefits of implementing solutions like the cloud and demonstrate how employees can use the new features to work faster and smarter.

“So, you’re telling me this ‘cloud’ lets me work from home?”

It’s also a good idea to assign your most tech-savvy staff members to guide anyone who’s struggling with new workflows and promote technology best practices.

    1. Stay up to date on trends

The best companies must always be aware of the latest digital trends to be competitive. Stay tuned to informative tech blogs like ComputerWorld, Wired, and even Red Key Solutions to keep an eye on disruptive business technologies.

    1. Get an expert

Most companies lack the expertise for digital transformation. Whether it’s migrating to the cloud, implementing smart gadgets, or using high-tech enterprise software, it’s challenging to do it all alone.

Look for managed services providers (MSPs) that are willing to give an objective assessment of your IT systems and tailor a technology strategy that fits your business. Also, work with seasoned MSPs that provide installation and ongoing maintenance services to streamline your company’s digital transformation.

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