If your company needs technology to improve efficiency and employee performance, you have your work cut out for you. There are thousands of business technologies that claim to provide these benefits, so you need to choose wisely. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best business solutions you should consider getting for the holidays.

Cloud computing

Everyone wants technologies that will enable them to work remotely, so it’s high time you move to cloud-based services like Office 365.

Installing and maintaining hardware and software on premises is often difficult and expensive, whereas cloud applications can be accessed with any internet-connected device. This means, instead of chaining your employees to their desks during the holidays, they can take their unfinished work wherever they go.

“I just need an excuse not to talk to my relatives.”

Cloud solutions create virtual workspaces that allow teams to share files, chat, and collaborate on the same document with ease. Best of all, they are managed, secured, and backed up by professional cloud services providers at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise setup.

Mobile device management

Establishing flexible remote work arrangements is all well and good, but it’s also important to keep mobile devices safe. If employees install dangerous apps or access files while connected to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, your company could face serious and costly data breaches.

Mobile device management (MDM) software enables you to monitor and manage all company-registered devices in a single, centralized console. You can control what networks, apps, and files employees can access, and even completely wipe a device if it falls into the wrong hands.

Smart gadgets

Internet-enabled smart gadgets make life much easier for everyone. More well-known ones include smart fridges that can tell when you’re out of pudding and smart thermostats that can adjust the temperature of the room as soon as you walk in.

“Okay, which one of you ate my sandwich?!”

For businesses, popular examples of smart gadgets include sensors that monitor stock levels and control energy usage. Even security cameras have been augmented to provide alerts when something unusual happens and lets you view everything from your smartphone or tablet.

Virtual and augmented reality

For those who don’t know, virtual reality (VR) immerses users in computer-generated environments using VR headsets (e.g., HTC Vive and Oculus Rift), while augmented reality (AR) overlays digital information in the real world (think Pokémon Go). Even though both technologies made great strides in gaming, they have applications for businesses as well.

Companies can use AR applications to display 3D models of store items and even help technicians repair complex equipment by identifying potential problems and fixes. Meanwhile, VR enables businesses to create realistic simulations for field-related jobs and computer-aided design.

Automation software

Most businesses often have a limited workforce during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean productivity should suffer. Automation software eliminates repetitive mundane tasks, so employees can be freed up to do more critical projects or take a day off without worrying about being behind.

Businesses can automate everything from back-office processes like approving invoices to client-facing processes like responding to customers with smart chatbots. If configured properly, your entire company can work faster than ever before.

Investing in these tech trends will go a long way in streamlining your business, but managing them is difficult on your own. Red Key Solutions provides businesses throughout New York with comprehensive managed IT support services. We also offer IT consulting services to identify the types of solutions you need, not just for the holidays, but for the years to come. Call us today!

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