Businesses need robust technologies to get an edge over the competition. The problem is there are thousands of IT solutions you can implement, and ill-matched solutions can do more harm than good to your business. Top-notch IT consultants help you avoid spending money on the wrong solutions, but they also do a lot more for your business.

Provide expert recommendations

It’s tough to give an objective assessment of your company’s IT framework when you’re the one running it, especially if you have little to no experience in tech.

“Seriously, why is it taking 10 minutes to open Word?”

But when you hire an IT consultant, they’ll identify the pain points and bottlenecks in your business, and devise a strategy to resolve them.

For example, if your consultant notices your network is slow and unreliable, they might suggest you deploy bandwidth management tools, web filtering software, and internet upgrades to speed up your network. They may also recommend technologies designed to increase productivity and collaboration like Office 365, VoIP phone systems, and workflow automation software, to name a few.

Control costs

The great thing about IT consultants is they’ll always consider your budgetary constraints. Every potential solution they recommend goes through a series of cost-benefit analyses, so you can make an informed decision. Consultants can even help you make decisions on what to cut from your budget and identify opportunities to maximize profits.

Address security risks early

Security is another major concern for businesses. Today, there are thousands of online scams, malware, and web-based attacks that slip past traditional security measures, which is why it’s important for businesses to identify and prepare for all these threats.

Consultants conduct comprehensive security assessments, simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities, and synthesize their findings to come up with a plan for how to best protect your business.

While these plans vary from company to company, it often includes a list of protections you must implement, such as intrusion prevention systems, encryption software, and data backups, followed by a security training syllabus for your staff. Fortunately, a best-in-class IT consulting company such as Red Key Solutions can set all this up for you, too.

Stay on top of technology

If your only source for staying up to date on technology is a tech-savvy employee in your sales department, you’re in trouble. Chances are they only know about consumer tech and are clueless about the latest enterprise IT solutions and strategies designed to improve business performance.

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing. I’ve seen this in a YouTube video once.”

By contrast, IT consultants are well-read on the latest business IT trends, allowing them to assist you in every aspect of implementing and managing your technical needs. Best of all, they maintain close relationships with leading vendors and manufacturers so you can get early access to cutting-edge technology.

Oversee your IT plans

Besides recommending game-changing solutions, consultants help you execute your IT plans. This involves walking you through the installation/migration process, checking whether hardware and software are properly configured, and optimizing program settings so you never experience any hiccups. What’s more, top-class IT consulting companies usually offer round-the-clock maintenance to ensure your new solutions run smoothly at all times.

If you’re worried about making complicated technical decisions on your own, hiring an IT consultant is the best solution. However, you must make sure they’re professional, objective, and not out to nickel and dime you. Red Key Solutions provides IT consulting services for businesses in New York, and we have the industry experience, portfolio, and success rates to prove it. Contact us today!

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