We have had the pleasure of working with Red Key Solution since early 2012. Our practice is complicated in that it houses four separate but related businesses. We have 30 employees, four locations and medical software and its unique privacy issues to contend with. From an IT perspective our business is a nightmare and frankly, it made our last IT manager crazy. We did a great deal of research before we hired Red Key and we have been extraordinarily happy with their services. They are organized, professional, cutting edge and an all-around pleasure to work with! From the moment they took over our IT, we knew we were in good hands. They analyzed the state of both our software and hardware and made recommendations to slowly make necessary changes. They never pushed their ideas on us, but worked with us to solve the problems we encountered. In the past year our systems have been significantly upgraded and there have been little to no downtime or glitches. They have been efficient in using our resources and willing to explain things 10 times if necessary. But perhaps the best part of working with their team is their enthusiasm and humor. The world of IT can be intimidating and overwhelming. They have made a tough job pleasurable.