We have have been working with Red Key since 2012. As a mid 50's owner of a medium size business with 30+ staff members, I find IT a little bit of a black hole. I not only count on IT to keep me up and running, but also to let me know what I don't know. Even though I am not a computer person or really like computers that much, it is crazy not to take advantage of cutting edge technology, which increases efficiency and ultimately decreases expenses. Red Key came in and seamlessly totally upgraded our systems. They explained, in laymen's terms, where we were and what they thought would be the best way to upgrade. I actually understood it, and looked forward to the changes. They walked me through each one of the technological changes they made, down to coming in and putting in passwords and giving me tutorials. They are amazingly responsive. When I have a problem, almost at anytime, I find they email me back within minutes, even when it is not an emergency. Also, they are a lot of fun to work with, despite being computer whizzes.