Today's most clever spam tricks that you need to know about


This invaluable book tells you everything you need to know about the new, deadly breed of spam emails that are not just clogging up inboxes, but fooling executives at even the highest levels, and therefore costing businesses of all sizes thousands of dollars.

And of course it’s not only your finances that can take a body blow if you’ve fallen prey to a phishing scam; your reputation can be left in tatters too.

Therefore we urge you to fill in the form on this page and read our eBook as soon as possible. In it you’ll find out about the whalers who scammed $17 million, why 80% of employees failed to spot only one phishing email, what phishing actually is - and the three things you can do to counteract the threat.

Best of all our eBook is completely free and comes with no strings attached. We simply believe in helping fellow business owners avoid a fate that has affected so many honest companies worldwide already.

Harpooning Executives - How Phishing Evolved into the C-suite

Companies of all sizes are losing millions of dollars to the latest phishing scams.

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