Monthly Managed IT and Cloud Services

  • Monthly managed IT and cloud services will be charged automatically to a credit card or via ACH. An active credit card or ACH is required in our billing portal at all times.

Professional Services

  • Professional services will be scoped in a proposal and invoiced after proposal approval. Professional services engagements under $10,000 can only be scheduled after being paid in full. Professional services engagements over $10,000 may be funded with 100% of hardware/software plus 50% of professional services labor upfront and 50% upon completion. If completion is delayed by a 3rd party vendor outside of Red Key's control for more than 3 months, client shall pay the remaining 50% and Red Key shall finish the project as originally scoped in the proposal at a future date when the 3rd party vendor is ready.

Hardware and Software Products

  • Product orders will be invoiced after proposal approval. Products can only be ordered after invoices are paid.

Valid Payment Method

  • Valid payment methods are ACH or credit card.

Yearly Increase

  • As technology and cost of living expenses evolve, the price of managed IT services will increase by the % defined in your agreement with every renewal period.

Network Growth

  • During the term of your service agreement, if the covered environment changes or additional devices or users are added, Red Key may apply a pro rata adjustment to the total monthly service fees.

Late Fees

  • Client shall pay a late charge of one and one half percent per month for all invoiced amounts due which are not paid within fifteen days following your receipt of notice that the invoice is past-due. Invoices in dispute are waived of late fees.