We all are living in a new age of email overload. Here are tips to get control!

1. Distribution lists
Create shared mailboxes for all specific functions (accounting@, purchasing@, sales@, etc). Then route as many emails to distribution lists as you can. Nothing should go directly to people, only lists!

2. Folders and autorules
Create folders and autorule emails you don't need to see daily, such as reports, newsletters or for distribution lists.  Without this unnecessary clutter in the inbox you can focus only on items you need to handle.

3. Archive, flagging and clean inbox
Don't let your inbox pile up! Once you read an email, either reply right away, flag it for later or click the Archive button in Outlook to move to the archive folder. Pro archive tips:

  • Add Archive folder to your Favorites in Outlook
  • Press the backspace on your keyboard to archive an email.
  • Setup your iPhone to archive an email by swiping left.
  • Configure your mouse back button to archive with one click by setting it as the backspace key.

For a detailed description of how to set this all up, please click here for our knowledgebase article.

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