10 Things You Need To KnowAbout Cybersecurity in 2020

Hackers are financially motivated to get into your company.There are simple things you can do to make sure your company is secure.


Lets face it. Hackers are here to stay and in recent years the threats have only grown. Beyond traditional fraud, cyber criminals have found ways to make money by encrypting your data and holding your company hostage or stealing, selling and using valuable business and personal login credentials. This webinar will share with you all the important things you need to learn about modern security in plain english.

You will learn:

  • What common, modern & successful scams look like.
  • Things you can do to stop threats and reduce risks.
  • Steps your IT team/partner should be doing to keep your business safe and operational



Alex Markov

CEO & Co-Founder


Alex has had a life-long love of technology. Since 1992, Alex has been heavily involved in internet and technology consulting. Graduating from Binghamton University, Alex knew he wanted to turn his passion into a career. In 2002, he founded a small consulting practice which would later merge with another local IT firm to become Red Key Solutions. Alex is driven to create a special life and business experience for our team and clients.


Michael Santosusso

Account Executive


Michael is a techy at heart and is also an excellent communicator. He is responsible for spreading Red Key's message, understanding the technology needs of new clients and helping guide the new client process.