You’ve probably heard all kinds of buzz about cloud computing — in fact, the global market for cloud software as a solution (SaaS) is projected to reach 95 billion in 2019. But what is cloud computing? What sort of advantages can this kind of SaaS offer, and how can that help your business?

In the simplest sense, a cloud solution means that as long as you have an internet connection, you can securely store any data remotely on a server, one that presumably has more processing power than you can spare at your home or place of business. Cloud service providers offer seamless migration, data storage and infrastructure, additional computing power, or outsourced digital applications for use by your customers.

History of the Cloud

Today’s cloud solutions can, in a sense, trace their origins back to the supercomputers that came into vogue in the 1970s. These old-school machines were physically massive and predated wireless connections, as well as the internet as we know it. Users could connect with these supercomputers by making requests through terminals.


Seymour Cray with his highly successful 1976 Cray-1 supercomputer

The explosion of internet connectivity in the 1980s and 1990s allowed for the creation of truly digital supercomputers, and therefore, much greater storage capabilities and faster speeds. Cloud storage eventually moved to PCs and away from mass storage centers.

The invention of smartphones vastly increased the demand for cloud storage, as smartphones’ data needs outstripped their small capacity. The biggest move to meet this demand came in 2006, when Amazon launched Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new solution’s power and storage offerings quickly made it invaluable to many businesses, and it set a new standard for the cloud.

How the Cloud Can Help You

Cloud storage is an affordable solution for small businesses, and in most cases, it beats the cost of making new additions to your hardware in order to boost processing power and storage capacity. And while cloud storage downtime is inconvenient, it beats having to worry about (or insure) damage and wear to your own hardware.

What’s more, scalable cloud solutions mean you won’t have to pull out the company credit card every time your business wants to expand. That in-house hardware won’t always grow with you, but your cloud storage offering can scale easily.

In addition, hosting your digital resources in the cloud is convenient. Businesses and individuals who need to access important information can do so anywhere with a secure internet connection, substantially improving workforce mobility.

Cloud Solutions You Can Trust

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