Key elements of effective network security

Businesses benefit tremendously from connecting office computers and other devices to form a network. It allows you to easily share files and equipment like printers, communicate with others, view other people’s work, and collaborate on projects.

But these networks also leave your computers and devices vulnerable to damage and your data vulnerable to theft.

If you’re experiencing these signs, you need to re-evaluate your business’s IT

Technology continues to reshape the business landscape. It fosters innovation, which has led to boosts in productivity and faster, more efficient business processes to keep up with rising customer demands. But when left unchecked, technology can also pose serious risks such as devastating data breaches and lost customer confidence from inadequate cybersecurity.

Signs you’re being phished and who to report to

Have you ever gotten a text message stating that you have just won the lottery? Or perhaps you have received a warning email from your bank that requires you to fill out the attached form to unlock your account? Beware, you might become a victim of a phishing attack!

Phishing is a form of identity theft that tricks unsuspecting users to divulge their personal information, like passwords and credit card details, by posing as a legitimate entity.

Ways modern ERP systems benefit the manufacturing industry

Running a manufacturing business is quite complicated. It involves managing several moving parts such as taking in customer orders, ordering raw materials, tracking inventory, scheduling production, monitoring shipment, and many more. Since the US manufacturing industry is forecasted to boom further, you can expect the volume of work and the competition to get even crazier.