Is the cloud a blessing or a curse?

While many organizations have reaped numerous gains from shifting to Infrastructure-, Platform-, and Software-as-a-Service, the security risks of cloud computing make us wonder whether the cloud is a blessing or a curse.

What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing is the delivery of services hosted over the internet paid on a per use basis.

Top 4 security threats you need to worry about

Hardly a month goes by without news of a major cybersecurity incident affecting thousands of people. And if you keep up with security blogs, you may think that there are just way too many threats to wrap your head around. So, what are the most important security threats you need to prepare for?

Malicious software, such as Trojans, worms, and ransomware, has always been a serious concern for users because new vulnerabilities and variants keep getting discovered.

Windows users: Why you need the latest operating system

Despite being the world’s favorite operating system for over three decades, businesses have traditionally been stubborn when it comes to switching to new Windows editions. It’s not entirely without reason either. Some iterations of Windows have been downright awful to the point of causing serious disruption not just for early adopters, but for everyone who chose to upgrade.

Why is your Wi-Fi network so unreliable?

A few decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon to wait several minutes for a page to load or to experience sudden dropped connections, but today those problems are a business owner’s worst nightmare. That’s because every minute of network downtime can cost companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity!

What’s causing your connection issues? Below are five common reasons your Wi-Fi network is unstable and simple ways you can fix them.