The business owner’s guide to buying new software

Like it or not, there’s a software application dedicated to every aspect of your life. There’s one that helps you find a good spot for lunch, countless that help you catch up with friends, and some that remind you when to stop using other apps.

All of them are supposed to make life easier and more fun, but do you really need a hundred of them on your phone or PC? In business, installing more than a dozen apps is sure to confuse and distract employees from getting things done.

4 seemingly easy IT tasks you should leave to the experts

For the average user, a computer is nothing more than a metal box used to fill out spreadsheets and waste time on the internet. People with these skills are considered “computer literate” and may even land a nice desk job in most companies...but they’re not tech experts (obviously).

That means you can’t expect someone with only a limited knowledge of how Excel works to know how to deal with computer issues.

Things you MUST do when creating a remote work policy

Back in the day, employees had to suffer through morning traffic, shared cubicles, and awkward watercooler chats with Jeremy from HR. Nowadays, workers are a lot happier because they don’t even have to be in the office to do their jobs.

But from a business owner’s perspective, there are some real challenges involved with remote work.